MassHealth Care Plus Overview

MassHealth Care Plus Becomes Part of Massachusetts Health Care Programs for 2014

Several healthcare programs in the state of Massachusetts will undergo certain changes once the affordable care act becomes available. One of the more notable changes is the effective termination of Commonwealth Care. However, many current users will be covered under a new healthcare program due to debut on January 1st, 2014.

Welcome to MassHealth Care Plus


CarePlus is a MassHealth program designed for citizens and eligible residents under the age of 65. It aims to assist those with an income that does not exceed 13%* of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, which is certainly beneficial for those who struggle with current co-payments and other related insurance obstacles.

Also note that in addition to the 133%, there is an additional 5% income disregard. This essentially means that your income cannot exceed that of 138%* of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Click here to learn more about the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

How Good is MassHealth Care Plus?


CarePlus aims to offer benefits similar to current Commonwealth care, but it does not quite match those found in MassHealth Standard. In essence, MassHealth Care Plus will offer great coverage in addition to medical non-emergency transportation.

MassHealth CarePlus Cost Sharing:


Cost sharing for CarePlus members will be similar to that of Commonwealth care. adding no monthly premiums and small co-payments for necessary drugs.

MassHealth CarePlus Eligibility:


CarePlus will be eligible for those who have the following:

Commonwealth Care
HIV+ Family Assistance,
MassHealth Essential,
Medical Security Plan,
Insurance Partnership
Health Safety Net

Ready to enjoy MassHealth Care Plus? We are anxious to experience its benefits as well.